Climate Finance & Technology Summit 2022

Reimagine, Rethink, Reinvent
28 June 2022, Bloomberg London

In the aftermath of Covid-19, world leaders are increasingly advocating a ‘Global Green Recovery.’ A vital element of this proposed growth plan is green investments. Yet old models of raising capital have not helped with investments flowing into emerging markets. As institutional investors increasingly look to allocate more capital towards lowcarbon investments, there remains an urgent need for global leadership to Reimagine, Rethink and Reinvent green recovery to strengthen strategic partnerships between institutional investors, policymakers, and innovators in emerging economies. The UK and India, thus, have a unique opportunity to combine their strengths and tap into the immeasurable potential to lead by example in the climate space and ‘Build Back Better’ together. The Summit will focus on:

8:30 hrs: Breakfast Roundtable
10:00 hrs: Introduction and Opening Remarks
10:10 hrs: Reimagining the Road to COP27 - How Will the Promise of a Green Future be Realised?

In conversation with Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, President, COP26

10:30 hrs: What Does the Promise of a Green Future Look Like for India?
10:50 hrs: The Path To NetZero

Fireside Chat

11:10 hrs: Panel: Funding Climate Action – The Way Ahead

As the world faces an onslaught of climate related disasters, there remains an urgent need for meaningful investment and widespread innovation – in generating and storing clean forms of energy, improving the electrical grid, increasing energy efficiency of buildings and developing less carbon intensive methods of travel, farming and more. This panel will explore how the UK and India can lead the way in strategizing and identifying the best funding models to propel green innovation.

11:50 hrs: Networking Break
12:00 hrs: From Coal to Clean: Shaping Sustainable Energy Transition

The acceleration of climate change in addition to growing energy costs and inflation means that businesses now must build robust resilience strategies as part of their future plans. Part of this strategy involves going beyond finding cleaner and more cost-effective energy alternatives. This panel will discuss the approach energy companies are adopting towards cleaner alternatives, the best methods to conserve and produce energy and what it will take to reimagine energy transition.

12:30 hrs: Panel: Disruptive Technologies to Fight Climate Change

Sustainability solutions are continuously present at the crux of every climate discussion. Technology and innovation can provide both vital data in measuring the effects and pace of climate change as well as mitigating it. However, this will require large scale disruption of the market and business processes, including practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions that can be rolled out on scale as greener and cleaner alternatives. This panel will explore the best strategies available to the UK, India and the world to establish a sustainable and robust innovation ecosystem to facilitate such a change.

13:00 hrs: Announcements
13:10 hrs: Lunch and Networking

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