Defence Technologies & Innovation Summit

The Co-creation Mantra
Monday, 27 June 2022, Army & Navy Club, London

In his recent visit to India, on 21 and 22 April 2022, the Prime Minister of the UK, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, along with the Prime Minister of India, Hon Narendra Modi, elevated the commitment to transform Defence & Security cooperation between the two countries. The sector was highlighted as a key pillar of the India-UK Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Their commitment was accentuated by the announcement of key measures including the finalisation of the Letter of Arrangement between the UK’s DSTL and India’s DRDO, the establishment of a Joint Working Group on India-UK Electric Propulsion Capability Partnership and the UK’s announcement of an ‘open general export license’ among others. The Defence Technologies & Innovation Summit will be the first landmark event post the UK PM’s visit to India and will bring together senior stakeholders from India and the UK to work on delivering tangible opportunities for co-creation by entities in both countries.

One of the most significant aspects noted by the two leaders in the joint statement was the “importance of robust defence industrial collaboration for manufacturing of defence equipment, systems, spare parts, components, aggregates and other related products and key capabilities, under the Make-in-India program through co-development, indigenisation, transfer of technology and setting up of joint ventures for meeting the needs of the Armed Forces of India and other countries”

Business and Government leaders from India and the UK met for the first time at the India Global Forum in April 2021 to discuss this partnership. Since then, the India -UK Defence Boardroom has met three times with co-creation as the primary focus (in addition to other topical action points raised) of these meetings. The Defence Technologies & Innovation Summit will also bring together learnings from a year’s worth of deliberations by Members of this Boardroom Initiative.

1430hrs: Welcome Address
1435hrs: Opening Remarks
1450hrs: Keynote: Why co-creation is the future for any partnership
1515hrs: Interactive Q&A
1530hrs: Co-creating technologies made in the UK, selling to the world
1600hrs: Networking break
1630hrs: Co-creation for self-reliance and access to global markets
1700hrs: Overcoming current challenges and setting a clear runway for co-creation between the UK and India
1730hrs: Can the UK serve as an effective platform for the global adoption of cutting-edge technologies Made in India?
1800 hrs: Technology showcase – cutting edge technologies for global Defence & Security, Made in India
1830hrs: Closing Remarks
1830hrs: Networking Reception