Global Supply Chain

IGF Dialogues-Infrastructure
Friday, 2 February 2024

The impact of infrastructure on supply chains in India is profound and multifaceted. While India has made significant strides in infrastructure development, challenges persist, and they directly influence the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of supply chains in the country. This session will explore businesses to put forward key recommendations (Ports, infra digitization, warehousing infra etc.) to the decision-markets on infrastructure development that will ensure more robust supply chains in India.

*This is an exclusive invite only event

The Summit will feature IGF programmes including:

  • Founders Circle Networking Event

  • IGF Forum

  • Disruptors in the Desert

  • IGF Studio

  • Founders and Funders Forum

  • Leaders Dinner

  • IGF Dialogues

  • WomenIN Forum: Inspiring to Aspire

  • Business Meetings & Bilaterals

  • IGF Young Leaders Forum: Finding New Frontiers for Collaboration

  • ClimB Summit: Driving Sustainable Solutions

  • 2nd UAE-India Awards & Eve of COP28 Gala Reception

*Programme is subject to change