IGF Global Supply Chains

27 July 2023, New Delhi
The Need for a ‘Global Supply Chain Programme’

Geopolitics has become a key factor driving supply chain decisions for businesses across industries, making said supply chains more volatile and prone to fluxes. In particular, the global COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of robust and resilient supply chain systems. This has pushed organisations to diversify their supply chains across regions but has made it more complex for stakeholders to arrive at a consensus regarding critical business decisions.

The IGF Global Supply Chains Programme aims to set up a permanent body of some of the senior-most stakeholders in this ecosystem. The programme will identify and enable improvements in infrastructure and processes that can showcase India as one of the focal regions in Global Supply Chains.

Structure of the Programme

The Launch Event is structured across 2 key themes, derived from comments received from participants, which the IGF Global Supply Chain Programme will develop and build upon in subsequent meetings. Senior Ministers from the Government of India will share their views on government actions to support the flow of supply chains to and from India.

Each meeting of the Programme, including the Launch Event, will be followed by a Highlights Report that will drive the agenda forward. The first Annual Report will be presented at the IGF Annual Global Investment Summit in February 2024.

Programme Details

4:30pm - 5.00pm

Registration and Networking

5.00pm - 5.05pm

Opening Remarks by Prof Manoj Ladwa, Founder and Chairman, India Global Forum

5.05pm - 5.20pm

Keynote Address by Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Food & Public Distribution, Textiles, Government of India on ‘Positioning India as the Global Supply Chain Hub’

5.20pm - 5.50pm

Supply Chains and FDI: Where does India stand?

5.50pm - 6.20pm

How can we make India an export-oriented hub and build competitiveness?

6.20pm - 6.30pm

Closing Remarks and Next Steps by Prof Manoj Ladwa

6.30pm onwards

Networking Reception

*Programme is subject to change