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This is one platform that brings India's dynamic growth opportunities to the world which is absolutely fantastic.

Utsav Seth

Group Managing Director, Foresight Group

It has been a pleasure to be with India Global Forum as partners with the World Government Summit. This is a stepping stone for us to further collaborate.

Reem Baggash

Deputy Managing Director, World Governments Summit

It is a good platform to get the women together - whether they are entrepreneurs, fund managers or the various stakeholders. It's a great platform for them to meet each other and exchange thoughts and stay connected so that whenever the time comes, they bring this whole ecosystem together to really make the change that matters.

Shefali Goradia

Chairperson, Deloitte India

Forums like the India Global Forum provide an opportunity to discuss collaboration possibilities. It's wonderful for ideas to be born here, and we eagerly await seeing how we'll work together to actualise them in the coming years. One important aspect I've noticed is that many individuals from India, the UAE, and other countries express interest in working with Africans but struggle because they don't have connections in Africa. When you invite Africans like myself to these discussions, that's how we start - we give birth to ideas here and then bring them to life in the coming days.

Muthoni Mutonyi

Founder, Jirani

India Global Forum was able to get a set of very different actors—from think tanks, public sector, private sector, foundation, world civil society actors - together. The quality of conversations and the commitment to really advance this work is also something that is very powerful. So I'm leaving very optimistic around seeing how the climate and health dialogue can actually advance, where we can be sharing, learning from each other.

Deepali Khanna

Vice President, Asia, The Rockefeller Foundation

This is a pivotal moment for India Global Forum, coming out to the world with India's voice and making it stronger. The parallels of World Economic Forum is something I look forward to, where voices are heard, solutions are being calibrated, and partnerships are forged so that a multitrillion economy can be forged just within the stakeholders coming at the India Global Forum.

Gagan Agrawal

CEO, Planet Electric

This is a fantastic forum. If I could compare, for me, India Global Forum is a World Economic Forum with a focus on the Global South, with India as the leader. The format is fantastic; it allows flexibility for formal discussions while also incorporating informal breakouts and personalised interactions.

Vinay Surana

CEO - Asia Pacific, Allianz Partners

India Global Forum plays a very important role in bringing together the power of India - the soft power, technology, diversity, and brainpower - with other global powers like the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Africa to work together for a better world. We need this catalyst to unite people, create dialogue, and prompt leaders from these countries to converge in one place, which is crucial.

T. V. Mohandas Pai

Chairman, Aarin Capital Partners

IGF Middle East & Africa 2023 - Unleashing Ambitions Recap

In 2022, IGF UAE showcased the breadth and strength of the collaborations achieved through Partners for Global Impact. This year, the 3rd Annual IGF UAE unleashed ambitions and unlocked limitless opportunities through our expanded Middle East & Africa programme. Featuring 12 unmissable events, the event included the much-lauded Climate & Business, WomenIN, and Founders & Funders Forums, multiple invite-only business dialogues, valuable networking experiences and a very special eve of COP 28 Gala Reception and Dinner.

IGF Forum - Entering the New Era

IGF Dialogues

IGF Studio

Founders and Funders Forum

WomenIN Forum: Inspiring to Aspire

IGF Leaders Dinner

Climate and Business Forum (ClimB): Leadership Amidst Global Crises

PRE-COP28 Gala Reception and Dinner

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Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Paytm at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Palki Sharma, Managing Editor, Network18 Media at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Prashanth Prakash, Founding Partner, Accel at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Suniel Shetty, Actor, Bollywood at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Sima Ganwani Ved, Founder & Chairwomen, Apparel Group at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Bhaskar Ramesh, Director, Google India at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Mamta Verma, Government of Gujarat at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Tanmay Bhat, Rule of Three Entertainment (OPC) at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023
Sanya Malhotra, Actor, Collective Artists Network at ME&A - Unleashing Ambitions 2023