India Global Forum tells the story of contemporary India. The pace of change and growth India has set itself is an opportunity for the world. IGF is the gateway for businesses and nations to help seize that opportunity. We are uniquely placed to understand the political, economic, and cultural nuances of those wanting to enter the Indian market and those wanting to go global

Our platforms range from large global events to invite-only conversations, interviews, and roundtables that offer international corporates and policymakers an unmatched opportunity to interact with key stakeholders in their sectors and geographies, including world leaders, multilateral institutions, national governments, industry experts, innovators, founders, and investors.


As an IGF member you will have access to the unparalleled breadth of our network. Whether you are a company with interests in India, an Indian company looking internationally, a business leader, policymaker, changemaker, or someone passionate about India's place in the world, IGF can unlock greater benefits and opportunities for you and your organisation.