Founders and Funders Forum

IGF’s Founders and Funders Forum is a member-led platform that showcases the world’s top innovators, disruptors, and businesses with the potential to scale globally to some of the most prominent companies, countries, and individuals. It is also a platform for disruptors across the world to engage with India’s tech ecosystem and vice versa.


FFF has led the tech and innovation ecosystem, designed for the Founders and Funders, with deep inroad into the network and insights through its Founder’s Circle Members since 2020, through its ‘Global Disruptors Series’. Since then, our events have hosted founders of unicorns, leading global investors, entrepreneurs and innovators across India, the UK, Middle East and other countries of the world.

FFF is a platform for

Entrepreneurs and startups to build strategic networks and develop their businesses and brand.

Founders to showcase their business ideas and plans.

Funders to identify investable ideas and startups.

Startups to leverage our network of founders and funders for mentorship.


Exclusive briefings and outcome-driven roundtable programmes to engage in critical knowledge sharing.

Access to develop network, business, and brand.

Public-facing speaking opportunities to convey your message to key stakeholders.

Dynamic networking opportunities to expand and deepen your connections.


The Founders and Funders Programme is crafted to unite the trailblazers, financiers, visionaries, and creative minds within the dynamic realm of startups, tech and innovation. They consist of a series of focussed briefings and fireside chats by convening key stakeholders from the start-up world, investors, centres of excellence, innovation centres and academia. These discussions are followed with reports that facilitate the exchange of fresh ideas and the formation of strategic partnerships based on shared synergies.

Fintech for Future  

Mission: To engage with fintech leaders, identify strategies for partnership, business development and explore goals driven by common agenda.

Healthtech Horizons

Mission: To catalyse conversations with innovators who have leveraged their out-of-the-box thinking to revolutionise the healthcare sector to offer a 360-degree
perspective of tech-centric evolution of healthcare in India and the world.

Global Innovation Exchange

Mission: To spark dialogues between start-up founders, funders, entrepreneurs and identify synergies to develop global partnerships that drive borderless innovation

The Capital Conclave

Mission: To identify the driving forces of the startup ecosystem, funding trends and disruptive ideas that are shaping the Indian and global landscape


IGF Middle East and Africa 2023

28 November


This event will feature some of the most exclusive and coolest innovators, disruptors, and businesses from the emerging markets that have changed the face of the world with their out-of-the-box problem-solving solutions. The event will also provide a perfect environment to connect, collaborate and steer cutting-edge conversations with global leaders on “Emerging Tech in Emerging Markets - Leapfrogging into New Frontiers”

IGF Dialogues

Funding the Future in the times of Cross-Border Innovation

12 January 2024

Physical, India

This programme will delve into the diverse funding strategies, such as international partnerships, venture capital, and crowdfunding, that are fueling this innovation wave. It will also highlight the role of emerging technologies, digital currencies, and sustainable finance models in shaping the financial landscape for borderless innovation.

IGF Briefings

Union Budget 2024 and enabling fintechs to leverage the global fintech wave

9 February 2024

Hybrid/ Virtual, India

This discussion will investigate the expectations of the fintech ecosystem from the upcoming Budget session in 2024 from the perspective of tax breaks, govt aid for financial inclusion through digitization, credit guidelines etc.

IGF Briefings

Annual Investment Summit 2024: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Global Investors Funding Indian Innovation

March 2024


This series will explore the dynamics between global investors and the burgeoning landscape of innovation in India. It will explore into the territory of motivations and strategies of global investors, the sectors and industries that capture their interest, and the evolving trends in deal structures and funding rounds.

IGF Dialogues

Innovation at the intersection of cross-country partnerships - What can we learn from the world?

May 2024


This series will delve into how cross-country partnerships drive global examples. It will discuss how diverse perspectives, shared resources, and collective expertise can be leveraged to solve complex challenges and propel innovation forward. From the realms of technology and business to science, healthcare, and social impact, this session will elaborate the transformative potential of cross-country partnerships in today's interconnected world.

IGF’s UK-India Week 2024

June 2024

London, UK

This programme seeks to create a platform for innovators across India, the UK and other regions to explore unchartered waters and ideas in the tech and innovation space. It is a chance for all attendees to not just listen to, but actively interact with some of the leading innovators, entrepreneurs and investors of our times.s


Navroz Udwadia

Co-founder of Alpha Wave Global

Faraz Khalid

CEO, Noon

Dror Bin

CEO, Israel Innovation Authority

Sanjay Nayar

General Partner, Sorin Investments

Shailendra Singh

Managing Director, Peak XV Partners

Lakshmi Saroja Yeramilli

Founder and CEO, Melorra, India

Karan Bilimoria

Founder and Chairman, Cobra Beers

Mary Kom

Professional Boxer 2012 London, Olympic Medalist

Nikhil Kamath

Co-founder, Zerodha

Shanti Mohan

Founder, Lets Venture