IGF Initiatives: Roundtables

14 – 15 December 2022, Taj Exotica, The Palm, Dubai

Roundtables are stand-alone, closed-door meetings convening senior stakeholders to discuss and debate on sector focused topic within bilateral/ trilateral corridors.

Securing Food Corridors (Invitation Only)

Climate change and a growing population have put a huge impetus on food security and processing. With the UAE having committed to invest USD 2 billion to develop a series of integrated food parks across India, food corridors have taken on a greater importance not just with regards to strengthening trade ties between India, UAE and Israel but also in collaboration and knowledge sharing to develop the best technologies to store and transport food. This Roundtable will explore the various opportunities within the trilateral food corridor and how these can be developed to strengthen trade and partnerships between India, UAE and Israel.

Mapping the Future of Work (Invitation Only)

Work culture has been evolving steadily over the years, with traditional o­ffice structures being altered permanently by trends such as Working From Home (WFH) and remote working. As technology continues to develop, the future of work also continues to evolve to bring in greater inclusivity, diversity, flexibility, and innovation. This Roundtable will bring together experts, corporate leaders, senior government representatives and investors to identify and focus on key technological trends and policy recommendations that will shape the future of work.

Making Digital Healthcare Accessible for All (Invitation Only)

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the cracks in healthcare systems around the world. Whilst some have emerged better than others, the pandemic has brought to the fore the urgent need to speed up the delivery of remote and digital healthcare solutions as the only viable way of catering to the needs of the world’s growing population. With just over 1.5 doctors for every 1000 people on earth (with most skewed towards developed countries) and rapidly advancing AI technologies, current systems are unsustainable. This Roundtable will bring together leading private sector and government figures to address the challenges of creating healthcare systems and collaborative opportunities fit for the future.

Diplomacy for Business (Invitation Only)

This meeting, the fourth in our series of exclusive closed-door roundtable discussions, brings together senior diplomats from around the world together with CEOs from MNCs to discuss how diplomacy is responding to the evolving technological transit in the world, with a special focus on the role of diplomats in the emerging multilateral world order and attracting inward investments.

*Invitation Only