Global Corporate Sponsor

As a Global Corporate Sponsor, you will be at the heart of all aspects of IGF's essential vision and Founders' Circle. Chair one of our Sectoral Taskforce's, get senior representation across our worldwide events and work with us to put your brand at the forefront of an inclusive and sustainable future. With special access to events at some of the world's most exclusive venues, you'll be able to interact with leading lights and future stars across politics, business, culture and more. This is the ideal package for leading global companies looking not just to adapt to, but to proactively shape our collective future.

Corporate Member

Our corporate members are the lifeblood of the Forum – bringing together the vital diversity of perspectives, experience and knowledge sets needed to make critical change happen. These industry leaders will get VIP attendance packages at IGF events and have the opportunity to drive outcomes as members of our Sectoral Taskforces. You'll have ample opportunity to interact with government stakeholders, entrepreneurs and social impact leaders who can give you the unique insights needed to take your company to the next level in both scale and positive influence.

Founders Circle Individual

Founders Circle members may be entrepreneurs, investors, cultural icons, or corporate titans transcending any one company or industry. These luminaries may have a particular area of interest they wish to pursue or be interested in the wider cross-disciplinary connectivity and insight opportunities that IGF offers. What unites them is their determination to leverage the platform to create positive change at this critical time for the world. Enjoying the same special access events as our Global Corporate Sponsors, this is the perfect package for individuals looking to be at the forefront of a powerful network of changemakers.

For more information, please contact:
Vaibhav Kapoor

William Carne