UK-India Future Forum (UKIFF)

IGF Dialogue - Reforming Governance with Technology
24 January 2024 | London

Technology's swift progress presents questions and opportunities for the UK and India. Organisations grapple with regulatory compliance, cost optimisation, and leveraging digital tech for growth. Governments allocate budgets for governance transformations in areas like tax, pensions, welfare, health, and education. Yet, gaps persist, demanding further attention. This dialogue is second in the series being held as part of IGF’s UK-India Future Forum (UKIFF) and will explore these challenges and opportunities further.

The Summit will feature IGF programmes including:

  • Founders Circle Networking Event

  • IGF Forum

  • Disruptors in the Desert

  • IGF Studio

  • Founders and Funders Forum

  • Leaders Dinner

  • IGF Dialogues

  • WomenIN Forum: Inspiring to Aspire

  • Business Meetings & Bilaterals

  • IGF Young Leaders Forum: Finding New Frontiers for Collaboration

  • ClimB Summit: Driving Sustainable Solutions

  • 2nd UAE-India Awards & Eve of COP28 Gala Reception

*Programme is subject to change