IGF Roundtables

28 June 2023 | St James’ Court, A Taj Hotel

IGF Roundtables is an exclusive platform of over 20 peer-to-peer roundtables that convene prominent business leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and investors to address various critical aspects of the UK-India partnership. The roundtables will explore opportunities, overcome challenges, and build alliances across sectors, stakeholders, and geographies, the outcomes of which will form a comprehensive published report.

Climate Action and Sustainability Roundtables

Closing The Carbon Circle – what do we need to do to make carbon a commodity not a cost?

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Much is made of the costs of net zero, but what about the savings? With high energy prices a concern for households and businesses alike, resource efficiency is an increasingly savvy and necessary way to decarbonise whilst cutting costs. What more should we be doing to close the carbon loop - by capturing carbon and utilising it for drinks, housebuilding, clothes. What should governments be doing to support this emerging virtuous circle? How can activists be reassured this technology is not permission for big polluters to carry on Business As Usual but much-needed technological innovation? And how are businesses make the most of building innovation into their plans? This round table will discuss how we treat carbon as a commodity, rather than a cost, and whether the economics and practicalities stack up.

Catalysing Cleantech: Opportunities and Challenges

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Cleantech offers immense potential to shape sustainable development. By forging a comprehensive funding framework, we can empower cleantech pioneers and catalyse the widespread adoption of sustainable solutions. This Discussion will explore the untapped opportunities within the cleantech sector, shedding light on emerging trends, breakthrough innovations, and transformative solutions.

The Role of Business in Driving Clean Energy Transition

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Energy transition is crucial to achieve global emission reduction goals and to combat climate change. Developing nations are often at a disadvantage when it comes to energy transition due to lack of resources and support. The role of businesses in supporting energy transition in developing nations is crucial to achieve a sustainable future. In this round table we shall discuss the challenges faced by developing nations in energy transition and explore best strategies of collaboration between businesses, policymakers, and civil society organisations to overcome these challenges

Building a Resilient Future: Climate Adaptation and Innovative Financing Strategies

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Climate change poses a grave threat to the world, particularly to developing countries that face heightened vulnerability to its impacts. This roundtable on financing climate projects in developing nations aims to provide a platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to delve into innovative financing solutions that can mobilise resources and finance climate projects in these nations. With a focus on blended finance, impact investing, and green bonds, this discussion will explore practical strategies to accelerate the development and implementation of climate projects.

Intent to Impact: How Can Businesses Drive Sustainable Change

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India's large youth population and workforce present immense growth potential, but youth unemployment at 18.5 per cent poses a significant challenge. The British Asian Trust and BT Group will convene business leaders at the Social Impact Boardroom 2023 to address the skills gap and transition from school to work, focusing on youth and gender equality.

This collaborative platform aims to showcase initiatives and promote forward-looking practices in business to drive positive social impact by focusing on:

  • What is needed to enable corporate participation in this area?
  • What are the cost-efficient investments that companies are making to address this school to work transition? How can these initiatives draw finance to the school to workspace?
  • Showcase best practice case studies of corporates that are impactful, market-driven and fit- for-purpose. How can we bring long-term, outcomes orientation to our programming, and use some of the principles of results-based approaches?”

Measuring Sustainable Impact: Exploring Beyond ESG

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In an era of increasing focus on sustainability, understanding and measuring the impact of organisations goes beyond conventional ESG metrics. This roundtable discussion will explore the broader landscape of sustainable impact measurement, discussing innovative approaches to assess social, environmental, and economic outcomes while discussing new ways to effectively measure and report sustainable impact beyond traditional frameworks.

Governance and Social Impact Roundtables

Catalysing New Models of UK-India Partnership in Education

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Education’s global and pervasive impact, having been realised in various endeavours, presents itself as an effective proxy to strengthen and further the bilateral partnership in education and skills. India and the UK have already created numerous high-profile and long-standing bilateral co-funded partnerships from basic to higher education. But how can these initiatives be developed further to forge stronger pathways in educating and skilling a global workforce? This discussion will focus on:

  • Promoting existing partnerships such as TNE to develop and support the establishment of UK universities in India
  • Recommendations on furthering programmes such as the India-UK Skills Partnership and Gender Equity across basic to high education

Challenges and Opportunities in the Future of Work

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The fourth industrial revolution poses huge questions for both the UK and India. How can they create strong and sustainable employment opportunities and ensure that technology and AI is used to facilitate those opportunities and power future economic growth? The roundtable will bring together key figures from business and the Labour Party to discuss this key issue.

Creating Business Enabling Government in the UK-India Partnership

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With the UK and India on the brink of a historic trade deal, the potential for increased trade and investment across multiple sectors is huge. Vital in realising this potential however will be streamlined government facilitation that acts as an enabler for all kinds of businesses. This roundtable explores how the UK and India can adapt government practices to increase capacity and create a launchpad from which business can thrive.

Diversity and Inclusion Roundtables

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Funding Challenges and Bias

Women professionals and entrepreneurs face unique challenges at work, from cultural biases to limited opportunities for promotion or getting access to capital. Join us for a thought-provoking roundtable discussion on how to unlock some of these challenges and empower women entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their goals. From practical strategies for career development, navigating the funding landscape, and building strong networks of support, this roundtable discussion will convene with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts to gain valuable insights and identify strategies to create a more equitable and inclusive business environment for women everywhere.

Trade and Investment Roundtables

Aviation: Unlocking the Manchester-India Partnership

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Airport connectivity is evidently a key driver of trade and investment between the UK and India. Despite India being one of Manchester’s largest long-haul markets, with 778k annual passenger demand to key destinations, there are currently no direct flights between them. This discussion will convene Labour MPs with airline groups and businesses to explore how to create new aviation links in this important corridor.

Prospects and Opportunities for the UK-India Defence Partnership

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Shared geopolitical challenges are creating a huge opportunity for closer collaboration between the UK and Indian defence sectors. This roundtable will explore further opportunities in this exciting field, and key pillar of the UK-India partnership.

Strengthening Financial Services Ties

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Since its formation by the Government of India in 2019, the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) has played a leading role in facilitating cross-border investments and promoting international cooperation and coordination among regulatory authorities. This session explores how closer collaboration with UK regulators and financial services providers can facilitate further investment and drive economic growth across the UK and India.

Technology Roundtables

UK-India: Shaping Digital Governance

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Rapidly advancing technology defines our times. How government keeps up and leverages that technology to the best possible advantage of its citizens and economy is a more complex question. This discussion brings together policy makers, tech innovators and entrepreneurs from both the UK and India to explore how both sides can learn from each other (e.g. from the India Stack) and create a shared vision for future digital governance.

Geopolitics Roundtables

Leading with Purpose

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How can the UK and India lead with purpose? What should be their key priorities in an era of growing geopolitical tension and slowing economic growth, if not in India, then in much of the world? This roundtable will convene senior Labour Party figures and diplomats to discuss these key questions, and how they relate to both countries' businesses.