UK-India Week 2023

Leading with Purpose

26 - 30 June 2023 | London & Windsor

The UK-India partnership is at a vital juncture. The 2030 Roadmap and approach towards a historic FTA have provided momentum, but much more will need to be done to realise the vision and maximise the opportunities these may bring. UK-India Week will seek to deliver this, asking not only how both countries can best leverage the frameworks being established, but identifying new areas where the two countries can ‘lead for purpose’ and set a global standard.

The UK-India Week 2023 will feature events and meetings including:

  • IGF Forum

  • India Global Forum VIP Dinner

  • Sustainable Finance Day

  • Disruptors on the Thames

  • IGF Boardrooms and Roundtables

  • IGF Studio

  • UK-India Awards 2023

  • WomenIN Forum

  • Founders and Funders Retreat

*Programme is subject to change